I am a DePaul University graduate with a B.A. in Animation and I currently reside in Los Angeles, CA. 

While currently I am working freelance as an illustrator AND cosplayer, I am also looking to find a permanent position as concept artist, storyboard artist, illustrator, or background artist.​

​Coffee Shops & Slow Burns: Yuri!!! On Ice AU Zine (In Progress)​

Love Bites: Hannibal Cookbook Zine (In Progress)

Paradise: Fire Emblem Three Houses Byhardt Zine (Complete June 2021)

Fodlan Cuisine: Fire Emblem Three Houses Cookbook Zine (Complete June 2021)

Fright Night: My Hero Academia Zine (Complete June 2021)

Sylvix Fan Calendar: Fire Emblem Three Houses Calendar (Complete June 2021)

​Invisible Ties: Fire Emblem Awakening Zine (Complete May 2021)

Shadows Look Back: Fire Emblem Three Houses Zine (Complete March 2021)

Best Friends Wedding Squad: She-Ra Zine (Complete Jan 2021)

Seasons of Love: My Hero Academia Zine (Complete May 2020)

ATLA Cookbook: Avatar the Last Airbender Cookbook (Complete March 2020) (Cover Artist)

Ineffable Oracle Deck: Good Omens Oracle Zine (Complete March 2020)

Just Monika: Doki Doki Literature Club Zine (Complete 2020)

You Only Live Once: Yuri!!! On Ice Spy Zine (Completed May 2019) 

Prism: Yuri!!! On Ice Magic Zine (Completed March 2019)

In Cold Blood: Yuri!!! On Ice Mafia Zine (Completed May 2018)

You'll Never Know: The Shape of Water Fanzine (Complete June 2018) (Host)

Game Grumps V Zine (Completed Feb 2018) 

​Yuri!!! On Ice Mafia Zine (Completed April 2018)

​On Love: Yuuri Zine (Completed April 2018)

Things Worth Dying For: Harry Potter Zine (Completed Feb 2018)

Achievement Hunter Animated (Completed December 2017)

Hannigram 2018 Calendar (Completed December 2017)

Achievement Hunter Fanbook (Completed October 2017)

Gemanimate 2 (Completed July 2017)

Yuri!!! On Ice Zine "AI" (Completed March 2017)

Harry "Gay Panic" Potter Comic (Completed Feb 2017)

​Bloody Will Graham Pin Up Calendar (Completed Nov 2016)

RAW Hannibal Anthology (Completed May 2016)