And on the right is another special commission that marketing asked me to complete for the 2019 holiday season. Once again, with as many characters/personalities as I could reasonably fit. 

Late in 2018 I was contracted to draw for Rooster Teeth's Marketing and Social Media department. My job is to watch podcasts and shows as they air live and draw while the episode is airing. Most of these were drawn in 30 - 60 minutes in order to finish during the live episode. 

Below are Additional illustrations for Rooster Teeth's podcast: Good Morning From Hell, used as both marketing and thumbnail art. 

rooster teeth's marketing and social media art 


On the left is a special commission from marketing at RT for their 17th anniversary on April 1st 2020. They asked for me to include as many of their on-screen personalities and fictional characters as possible with a retro-future vibe. 

2018 - 2020